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Growing Green

Windsor’s parent company, Woodgrain Millwork, has built environmental stewardship into its core values, which has been passed on to Windsor. With a strong Lean Culture, Windsor has optimized the use of resources in production and through recycling.

Windsor’s products are compatible with green building. We’ve examined the energy efficiency of our products and taken the lifecycle of each product into consideration. The more energy efficient our windows and doors are, the less energy needed to heat and cool people’s homes. The longer our products last, the fewer products that will need to be manufactured and less resources used.

Windsor partners with vendors who also make a positive impact on the environment. All of the top vendors that Windsor has aligned with participate in extensive recycling programs and adhere to, or surpass, all local, state and national environmental regulations. Many are considered to be environmental leaders within their industry, manufacturing with recycled materials, receiving awards from organizations such as the DNR and acquiring FSC and SFI certification.

At Windsor, we are sure that Green building is here to stay. No matter which way the industry turns next, Windsor won’t waiver from its values. In the end, it’s just the right thing to do.

To download Windsor's Green Statement, click here.